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Good Things Come in Threes

Welcome! We’re just three people who love to create: writing, art, and everything else under the sun!

We value quality and originality. If that’s your cup of tea then you’ve come to the right place!

We make awesome things, see for yourself!

We update our blog regularly, every Wednesday and Saturday to be exact! But we do more than blog, we also have our own publications, many of which are free and available for you to read right now!

The Wandering Stranger Sample Draft, by P.L. Cobb, available for free on

The Wandering Stranger tells the tale of a man with no name, no memory of his past, and no idea if the forces hunting him are real or imagined.

A Strange Summoning, written by Mitchell Stoycheff for

A Strange Summoning is a 3 part miniseries written by Mitchell Stoycheff. It tells the story of a random guy kidnapped by cultists, and the hilarity that ensues.

Penny and Rhonda are fountains of pure joy! I love these ladies!

Sophia Angelgate

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