Work Update #1
Projects, Updates

Work Update #1

A sneaky screenshot at my drafts folder!
Behold the ever-growing drafts folder!

In case you were worried that I’d fallen of the face of the earth: nope! I’m still here! There are also pics, so this did indeed happen (my survival).

I put my personal blog on hold while I focused on The Enigmatic Monster Project.┬áSpeaking of which, I have some links to share: What Evil Lives In The Shadows, Ember Flowers, A Portrait of Lust, and Lust: A Retrospective. I’m still trying to pace myself with two blogs, so please bear with me.

I’ve also been working on the next episode for the Wretched Sketch. Rather than make up something new on the spot I decided to revisit an old concept (circa 2012) and see if I could improve upon it. That’s no small feat, and I should know because I attempted it once already!

Storm woman, by P.L. Cobb
The original concept. Here’s to improving on it.

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