Lazy Old Me/Lazy Old Muse, a short quirky story by P.L. Cobb.
General Writing

Lazy Old Me/Lazy Old Muse

An unrelated, but cheerful, photo of leaves that I took several years ago! Lazy is somewhat accurate, in another dimension. Old is just a word I put in the title. Me is relevant because this post is somewhat about what I like to do.

Today, I’m talking about writing, as opposed to actually writing something. It’s not that my muse has gone on holidays, it’s that it really wants to. There are a lot of stories in my head. Every single one demands my attention. But my muse needs a break.

It needs a break because it works hard. Those stories can wait, yes they can! My mind has no problem taking and keeping notes–and also forgetting them.

Physically I’ve been tired way too much. It’s the price I pay for working a mediocre job (that drives me crazy). How about physically tiring, but not the kind that helps you lose weight?

Eh! Now I’m rambling. I suppose the muse isn’t feeling so lazy after all? If I ask it for more than 400 words however … Well, I suppose I shouldn’t push my luck. When luck gets shoved, things rapidly change.

Lazy old me? How about lazy old muse? I think that makes more sense.

If your muse is feeling lazy (or old and grumpy) tell me about it in the comments below!

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