Muse–Make Way For Misery, a metaphorical poem about depression and a toxic workplace, written and illustrated by P.L. Cobb.
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Muse–Make Way For Misery

This was originally posted on The Enigmatic Monster Project, but since it was inspired by depression and toxic workplaces I felt that it needed to be resurrected. Enjoy!

A job is a job until you’re not yourself –
until you’ve swallowed yourself whole, lived that hell
dug your own grave and
jumped into that hole.
I turned myself inside out
for nothing that was good
A psychic veil descended upon
me with a quiet shout
And I began to burn –
there was nothing I could do.
That holy muse of
creation within me began
to whimper
God, the smell–that
blistering hell
And then them –
what did I do to
warrant such treatment?
Half of me
the silent me, rolled
around in agony
And not word
was said as I toiled.
All that potential, left
alone, left to spoil.
Still, I broke my hands
wondering if the work
was worth the pain
Trying to be that good worker,
an island
lost within the sands of time.
There wasn’t much to gain.
At one point I grabbed my soul
Shook it like
the monster I was then
Threw it in that hole
And sculpted my
false garden of Zen.
That garden was haunted
All my fears, my insecurities
struggling to break the surface
of those stagnant waters
with their bloated lilies
of self importance
Who was it that led me to believe that
was what I wanted?
All that time, that
holy muse
was wasted
On a war of attrition
Who would speak first?
Extend that helping hand?
I was frustrated,
of working as an island
Amongst a herd divided.
I felt so used.
I spent three months doing nothing
What was wrong?
I couldn’t tell, and neither could they
No panacea offered, not even the truth
That would have been
We fought our silent war
Until I stopped caring –
Only worrying about my imminent failure.
Your glamour had faded
within those three months
as I was treated to your shallow professionalism.
You are too much.
While I can’t blame you
for my downward spiral
I can blame you for
that virulent, electric,
demonic fanaticism
you hold to.
The truth is that you’re
living within a maze.

An illustration by P.L. Cobb, done for Muse–Make Way For Misery.

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