Rhonda's Writing in 2017: In Retrospect, written by R.J. Davies for the creative writing blog: www.plcobb.com
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Rhonda’s Writing in 2017: In Retrospect

In Retrospect: A Brief Look At 2017

To be brutally honest my writing experience for me was less than stellar and very disappointing. For most of 2017 I felt like I was drowning.

Every time I sat down to write my mind was a whirling tornado of outside thoughts that were distracting, and drowned out my creative force. I found my focus derailed by my concern for my family. At the beginning of the year my brother was in the hospital for several months due to severe medical issues and almost died a couple of times. Then there was a small break but then my uncle was admitted to the hospital for the remainder of 2017 with a terminal illness. That, coupled with still filing for separation,  and you have got a hot mess of me getting nothing done regarding my writing.

Rhonda’s Writing

However, with that being said I did manage a little work on book three of my series, the Maddox Files;  I also came up with a plot and an outline for another novel, a stand alone that is a little outside my preferred genre, that I am writing this month. Plus I have made the decision to release another book, an original science fiction series; I wrote the first draft for this baby a few years ago.

AND YES I am back to writing even with the chaos that still is going on in my life. Success can be one paragraph or ten pages, as long as I write something every day it is not a lost day. By doing this I have found that I have more energy and I am staying true to myself.

The Plan This Year

The plan this year is to become a better writer, but also a better reader. Here are my five steps for 2018:

  1. Write at least 1 paragraph a day no matter what is going on in my life. Write something.
  2. My aim is to get to the 85K goal by January 31st for a new novel.
  3. Read someone else’s work and leave a review even if I read 1 page a day. Get it done.
  4. Work on my books and prep them for beta readers. Spend 15 to 30 mins doing this daily.
  5. And if I am having a bad day and miss these 1-4, I won’t beat myself up, but I also  won’t miss two days in a row.

Be brave and write!


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