Alcohol in the Morning, prose written by P.L. Cobb for
prose, Prose on a Wednesday

Alcohol in the Morning

I like it dark as sin,

Sweet, rich flavors of malt, chased down with coffee …

… No sugar with my coffee, just cream.

Amber ale is fine, but stout makes my heart sing …

… Alcohol in the morning, and the excitement it brings:

Imagine yourself–responsible adult responsibly drinking in the morning–

That just doesn’t make sense to some.

They do it in Europe, you smugly remind them.

Besides, it’s just one …

One stout chased with coffee (no sugar, just cream)

With your breakfast of sausages, eggs, and toast.

3 thoughts on “Alcohol in the Morning”

    1. Not if it’s the occasional drink. If you’re abusing it, or are not of a legal drinking age: yes. Do I drink alcohol in the morning? No, but several years ago I would enjoy the occasional brew at breakfast during the weekend, hence the poem. These days I’m into coffee 🙂.


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