Aspiring Writers, This is For You! Advice for beginners from published indie author, R. J. Davies
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Aspiring Writers, This is For You!

For My Aspiring Writers

As an Author what can I impart upon you that may have some significance? I believe it’s all been said already. Yet here I am … And here you are.

Okay hold my beer …

Have Experiences

You can’t drink from an empty cup. Have all kinds of experiences, good and bad ones. Remember the details–how it felt, the steps leading up to it, the emotions, and the aftermath. So ask that cute guy/girl out, go to a party where you don’t know many people, chat up a stranger, take yourself out on a date, volunteer, try a new sport, sign up for a class, take up a new hobby, get out there and live life and live in the moment!


People watching is one of my favorite pastimes. Eavesdropping on conversations, listening to how people talk, watching and observing their mannerisms and gestures. Think of yourself as surveillance for a secret organization. Also, if you ever get to participate in a Human Library … DO IT! Interview as many people as you can!


This may sound cliche but it’s true. Read everything you can on the genre that you’re interested in. Then watch movies and compare. Make a list of what works and what doesn’t for both.

Everyone has stories welled up inside them. These stories are all unique to them. Yes, there are themes and plots that have been regurgitated and vomited onto paper by very talented authors. So what makes them different from one another, you may ask? Little tweaks here and there, different themes, diverse characters … And when you read, read, and read you’ll be able to pick up them. You’ll find what you love, and soon an idea will begin to form in your mind.


… Seriously, this is key … Don’t expect to write your final draft when you are working on your first draft. First drafts are intimate, where your characters are telling you their story. Rewrites and final drafts are where you clean it up and polish it for your readers.

Write everyday … Even if it’s a paragraph. At least then you’ll have something to work with tomorrow.

Have fun doing this … not everyone is meant to make it to the best sellers list but if you love your story and your characters I assure you … you will find your people … they will find you. It doesn’t always happen over night. Write because you love to do it.

And most importantly BE BRAVE!


R. J. Davies

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2 thoughts on “Aspiring Writers, This is For You!”

  1. I loved this post – I’m working on my own novel right now and, although I haven’t had chance to actually sit down and write it for a while, I totally agree that just writing is possibly the best thing you can do! Also, your gif game is strong, my friend – you’ve just earned yourself another follower! 🙂

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