Here Is Another Update

Another Update? But Why?

Rhonda and I were talking  over coffee last week and we decided that we will be taking a big break from Rule of Three to work on other things.

We will be working on Rule of Three material, we just won’t be posting blog updates from now until October 1st. From May to October we’re taking a much needed rest.

… But, you just took a rest! 

Why Are We Doing This?

Before you click away hear us out … In order for us to provide you with quality writing, we need quality time. Good things take their time: wine, cheese, and even magic.

Rhonda is a mom and an indie author. Indie authors hustle like there’s no tomorrow. She’s also working on a project for traditional publishing. This is only the beginning of it, though. We’re both helping out another writer (Sophia Angelgate) on the side, and let’s not forget Rhonda’s work for Rule of Three.

Rhonda is actually volunteering her own time to help me out with Rule of Three. She will not let me pay her. Whenever I bring it up she shuts me down, although I recently found that she won’t say no to the occasional bottle of wine.

Mitchell lives in Florida, working a normal day job like anyone else here. As the youngest member of Rule of Three he has his friends, family, and personal career to pour time and love into. He’s also working on his author’s journey, and we support him on that 110% of the way.  Mitchell also volunteers his time to help me out, and I haven’t quite figured out how to sneakily repay him for his efforts. It has something to do with art supplies, I’m sure.

I’m sure I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with those two. As for me?

This is the year where I was invited to two weddings and a Happily Ever After Party (I never knew those were a thing until this year). I’ve been hustling real hard at my day job to pay off my credit card, which brings us to the next thing: I’m finally going to pay off my credit card debt!

That in itself removes a weight off my chest. There’s a story hidden somewhere in that statement, but I’m going to save that for October …

When I’m not daydreaming about being debt free I’m taking online tutorials on SEO, Marketing, and Copy Writing. I’m working on a book for traditional publishing and a small series for indie publishing (under the pseudonym Alanna Orr). At the moment I’m beta reading the third book to Rhonda’s Maddox Files series. When beta reading is done I am going to design her book cover!

Let’s not forget that I have two Instagram accounts: penny.l.c (my professional account) and ethereal.penny (my gritty artist account–I love skeletons, heads up). Then there are my two Twitter accounts: Penny_L_C and The_Alanna_Orr (my indie author account). As a side note I am growing these all organically, and anyone who has done the same will know how much fun that can be! Yay!

Without the break I believe all three of us would have this happen:

I’ll pass on that. Last year was no fun. Let’s not do that again.

We’ll see you back in October with three new series! In the meantime, follow Rule of Three on Facebook. 🙂

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