Hey, We’re Back!

We’re back! We’re still heckin’ busy, but we’re ready and rearin’ to go! It’s been almost two years since our last update (which was just another update, funny enough), a lot has changed, but our original mission remains the same: to provide quality original content for your viewing pleasure.

What’s Going On?

You may have noticed that the site is going through a slight face-lift. This will be ongoing, but the intent is to improve our look while keeping things simple. Names of pages are being updated along with content.

We’ve also opted to have advertising appear on our site. They’re there because we would like to earn a passive income. We would like to keep as much of our work for free and for the time being this is the best route.

Our series, Prose on a Wednesday will continue to be ongoing. Late to the Party is going to come to an end soon, however. I really hate 50 Shades of Grey, so much so that the act of thinking about it is painful.

When Will the Next Post Be Published?

Our next installment of Prose on a Wednesday will be published tomorrow, and an article will be published this Saturday. Essentially things will continue on as if we never took a break.

We do appreciate your patience with us. It feels great to be back!

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