Who is going to save me from myself? written by R. J. Davies.
Projects, Prose on a Wednesday

Who is going to save me from myself?

It’s a battle I know all too well

The pain runs through me deep

I know what I want

I can see it

It’s just outside my reach

I can taste it

If only I could practice what I preach

I need a hero

I need someone to rescue me

Long forgotten by those who cheer

Reminding me it’s not too late

I feel broke

My dreams have washed away in my tears

They are left unspoken

Unlucky at love, it may not just be my fears

Please save me from myself

It’s a battle that rages on

Am I destined to live my life alone

No one really sees me

Wandering around like a ghost

Begging for eyes

Eyes that will see the real me

Please, no more lies

I’m done, no longer playing the good host

Someone save me

I need a hero

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