Blind Date, by R. J. Davies
Horror, Short Stories

Blind Date

Unbridled passion, it was a deep-seated desire that he could not control and it rocked every cell in his body. He felt his hearts racing and the air catch in his throat. Gulping back the rush he forced a smile on the face that wasn’t his but the one that he was borrowing for this date … his date … his dinner.

“Oh wow Charles Mathew you look just like your profile picture!” she grinned from ear to ear.

“Jasmine Fox so do you,” he cleared his throat and held the door open for her.

She went into the restaurant and he followed.

The waitress seated them quickly and she was nervous. He could tell … he could smell it reeking from her pores. How he longed to lick and savor that delicious tantalizing morsel of human flesh. Clearing his throat again, he looked around them and knew no one else could smell that delicious aroma that she was emitting. Which was fine with him because he didn’t plan on sharing her in any way. Then it was like a light switch being turned on. He switched gears and poured on the super seductive charm.

By the time dinner arrived she was had already invited him back to her place and suggested that they take their food to go. He laughed and made her squirm. It was like marinating his main course. Teasing and tantalizing her senses with words and suggestions, by the time desert was served she was about to have a full-blown organism right in front of him without him laying a finger on her.

“Shall we go?” he grinned.

Nodding she got up, grabbed his hand and was headed for the door. He stopped and paid for their dinner. She pulled him from the restaurant. Tugging him towards the street. Once outside she stopped and threw her arms around his neck as she nearly jumped into his arms. Staggering back he bumped into the brick wall. They both laughed and then giggled. She stretched up and closed her mouth around his. Her warm tongue hungry with desire that was wanting and needy. He felt his body react as her hands began to pull his shirt out of his pants and her fingernails scraped his warm naked human skin under his shirt as she pulled him closer. Biting his bottom lip the blood rushed through him. Gulping back the air in his lungs he thought of his mother nursing his younger sibling. Feeling his raging passion stifle a little … a shudder exhaled from him as he hugged her close to him.

“Let’s go back to my place?” he managed to get out in a quiver.

She found his suggestion the most exciting thing in the world. Unable to speak she nodded. He led her down the street to his car and they drove across town to a quiet area the houses were spread so far apart it gave him all the privacy in the world that he needed.

They parked and she was at his side before he could even get around to open the door for her. Licking his lips she reeked of sex and lust. He brain was pulsing into overdrive as she grabbed his hand pulling him up his front steps. Her fingers fumbled with his shirt buttons tugging and pulling. A button popped off and bounced across the hard wooden porch as it bounced and rolled over the edge into the rose bushes. He struggled to pull out his keys fumbling with them until managed to unlock the door. Her hot wet mouth licked his hard nipples as her hands dug into the back of his pants and kneaded his ass.

He yelped as she bit his nipple as they fell into his living room. Her nimble fingers undid his pants as he pulled her blouse and it ripped off her shoulders. She giggled and shrugged out of what was left hanging onto her waist.  He groaned then growled as she slipped her fingers down his pants and began to pull his shaft out.

Grabbing her fingers he brought them up to his mouth and kissed each one as he guided her to his bedroom. It was where he had all his favorite feedings. He wasn’t about to start feeding in his living room. No that would be just improper. She licked her lips and giggled. Then inhaled sharply as he sucked on her index finger staring deeply into her eyes.

The bedroom was warm and cozy. Dark and inviting … he pulled her over to the bed. Undid her bra and slid his fingers down her back. She gasped and almost went into an orgasm right there.

“I want you,” she couldn’t contain herself any longer. “Quit teasing me,” she pouted.

“I want you too,” he whispered hoarsely running his large hot hands over his shivering body. She was shimmering out of her skirt and it puddle around her feet. This beautiful delicious human stood naked before him and he was about to devour her. A small part of him felt guilty … like a human who felt sad about eating a deer but at the same time wanted to eat that deer because he knew it would be the most satisfying meal he’s had in months.

Bending his head down he nibbled her neck. She pushed his pants down over his hips and they dropped to his feet with a soft swish. Her hands found his buttock as she kneaded him with her hands trying to pull him closer. She stepped towards him until there wasn’t any space between them. Jasmine tried pushing him towards the bed but underestimated how strong he was. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him. His mouth licked and nibbled her neck and shoulder. She held on to him for dear life.

He slowly lowered her onto the cool satin sheets. She was biting his earlobe and then his neck. Foreplay the humans had it right. His hands caressed and stroked her until she was so close to an organism he pulled back. She felt frustrated and needy. He teased her some more until she was begging him to just finish the job.

The aroma was too much for him. He couldn’t take it any longer and trusted his shaft into her. She let out a moan that shook the walls around him. A few more thrusts and she was primed for the taking. Her head hung back and her neck arched upwards exposing the soft side. He went in a bit through her skin. Blood gushed everywhere as she gurgled and thrashed about. He drank up what he could as fast as he could savoring the flavor … savoring each drop.

The beast within was awaken … his human body served it’s purpose well. As he shape shifted into his demon form he licked and tore at her human flesh devouring his dinner at his own leisure. This one was just like the last one … tasty and marinated just right. The sunlight peeked through the slit of his heavy dark curtains. His belly was full and he slumbered beside his meal. He would finish the rest after he got some sleep. He had another three months before he needed to feast again. Snacking in the bedroom was something his mother didn’t approve of but he would clean up after himself … once he slept … once he woke and finished his leftovers. First he needed to nap.

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