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Updates and Late Night Delights!

An update and a freebie! Oooh!

Gluttony, written and illustrated by Mitchell Stoycheff. Read it here on!
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What am I, but your fate?

Work In Progress–Yay! Work in progress shots from an illustration I am working on! This is going to be an ambitious one you guys!
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Work In Progress–Yay!

Work in progress of an illustration for the next installment of The Wandering Stranger!s

The Wretched Sketch: An Update, by P.L. Cobb
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The Wretched Sketch: An Update

I was working on something cool, which is why I missed a post this past Wednesday!

A Bad Dream, story and art by P.L. Cobb
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A Bad Dream

It looked at him with its beady black eyes. From the shadows he could see nothing, except for those eyes.