The Typo Gremlin, by P. L. Cobb. In this image there is a close up of a laptop.
General Writing, Humour

The Typo Gremlin

I live inside of your computer. Auto-correct bends to my very will. That sentence you slaved over, the one you re-read twenty times, the one you edited 15 times until it was perfect? Well, I changed the spelling of one of the words. The spell check didn't catch it. Take a look if you will. I promise that you'll love it!

Who is going to save me from myself? written by R. J. Davies.
Projects, Prose on a Wednesday

Who is going to save me from myself?

It's a battle I know all too well.

Lazy Old Me/Lazy Old Muse, a short quirky story by P.L. Cobb.
General Writing

Lazy Old Me/Lazy Old Muse

Lazy is somewhat accurate, in another dimension.

Red Kraken, Green Kraken; a quirky lighthearted poem written by P.L. Cobb for
General Writing

Red Kraken, Green Kraken

Don't be lazy, take your pick.

The Wandering Stranger, by P.L. Cobb
Series, The Wandering Stranger

The Claws of Amnesia

When approached by strangers he would lie to them; at first it had been painful, but thoughts and ideas–lies–became like a second language to him.