Update: December 27 2019

After some playing around, I've come to the decision that Rule of Three will be switching to a new host provider.


Hey, We’re Back!

A few minor updates. Have I mentioned that it feels great to be back?


Here Is Another Update

Rhonda and I were talkingĀ  over coffee last week and we decided that we will be taking a big break from Rule of Three to work on other things, including Rule of Three material.

Please don't hunt us down in rage.


Important Update: April 9th–23rd

Important Update Hello, another announcement here. I apologize for not having a post ready last night. I was just not feeling up for it. I've been a bit depressed lately and have been focusing my time on other things, so Rule of Three will be taking a 2 week break. It only makes sense that… Continue reading Important Update: April 9th–23rd


Important Update: March 28th–April 1st

We're taking a brief break from March 28th through to April 1st.