What Gentle Rain Awaits, prose written by Mitchell Stoycheff for www.RuleofThree.ca
Prose on a Wednesday, Series

What Gentle Rain Awaits

Hark, what gentle rain awaits ...

My Friend, Earl Grey by Mitchell Stoycheff for Rule of 3!
Prose on a Wednesday, Series

My Friend, Earl Grey

I have a friend who’s name is Earl.

And so It Begins---I'm a Little Late to This Party, with 50 Shades of Grey, written by P.L. Cobb for www.ruleoftthree.ca

And so It Begins—I’m a Little Late to This Party, with 50 Shades of Grey

If you're taking something that you essentially despise and rewriting it to suit your own tastes, then does that make it F%$k You Fiction? 

Boxed-Memories by Mitchell Stoycheff, part 2 of Prose on a Wednesday, available on Ruleofthree,ca
prose, Prose on a Wednesday

Boxed Memories

The scent of dust amid the boxes ...

The Wandering Stranger Draft Sample by P.L. Cobb, available on ruleofthree.ca
Projects, Series, The Wandering Stranger

The Wandering Stranger: Sample Draft Download

The Wandering Stranger is a short series that I have been posting since 2017.