It's been a long time coming, but here is the next installment of The Wandering Stranger: Weary is the Dreamer!

Penny’s brilliant mind has a way of leading you down one path just to get lost down another. Readers be warned!


A. Sirocco

Penny and Rhonda are fountains of pure joy! I love these ladies!

Sophia Angelgate

Mitchell is a true visionary, a weaver of words and a true creator of worlds! I would most definitely not want to get into a fight with him!

V. Dangerous

I am quite sure that, though I could talk the legs off a donkey, Penny could persuade it to go for a walk afterwards!!! A veritable fountain of eloquence!!

B. Morris

Penny is a visionary who sees into the mind of an author … Without losing all sense of self.

R.J. Davies